ToysRUs insolvency

UK Export Finance provided £6.8 billion support in 2018 to 2019

UK Export Finance (UKEF) has published its results for 2018-19, revealing it provided £6.8 billion in support for UK exports, a record since 1991. Analysis shows these exports have also supported an estimated 47,000 UK jobs as demand for British goods across the globe continues to grow. Last year the department directly supported 181 companies’[…]

ToysRUs insolvency

Bad debt Britain – insurance pay outs to help UK businesses deal with unpaid bills are at their highest since 2009

Latest ABI figures show that claims paid by trade credit insurers are running at over £4 million every week – their highest level since 2009. Over 200 firms every week helped by trade credit insurance. A record £340 billion of UK trade is being covered by trade credit insurers. Insurance pay outs made by trade[…]

Less than 3% of Carillion’s trade creditors insured themselves!

As many of our readers will know, the construction and outsourcing services provider Carillion collapsed two weeks after the start of 2018 weighed down by the massive £2.2 billion debt and pension liabilities, which became the largest corporate bankruptcy in the UK in a decade. As it turned out, the vast majority of UK suppliers[…]

Massive and increasing losses for unsecured and uninsured creditors in H2 2016

According to recent insolvency statistics from Infolink, total unpaid/unsecured credit losses totaled over £1.9 billion for the second half of the year, up 6% on the first half of the year. 80,000 ordinary unpaid trade creditors (excluding 8,000 occurrences of HMRC as creditors) lost an average of £23,900, from 5,178 insolvencies. The average asset shortfall[…]


Working capital solutions – new service

We are pleased to offer our select clients a solution allowing them to convert invoices from their creditworthy clients into cash on a flexible and low-cost basis and without any risk of recourse to them. LiquidityCo is your key to working capital as it’s a cost-effective mechanism of risk-free financing your short-term cashflow gaps by[…]

No-obligation free quotes for insurance against political and credit risks

Free quotes for your credit or political risk insurance requirements

We are happy to say that we don’t charge our clients for finding them an insurance solution. So if you are working on a transaction or with a portfolio which exposes your organisation to potential losses from credit or political risk events, please get in touch. We are happy to offer our customers a free[…]


Insurance solutions for the commercial and residential property sector

Growing solid business and in need of financing? Consider releasing your cash reserves sitting idly as a deposit for your premises. Our dedicated service SaferLet has developed unique insurance solutions enabling clients unfreeze cash tied up in property deposits, while giving equivalent or even better security to their landlords – both commercial or residential. Please visit our[…]