Our Focus

As a result of our experience, our clients achieve effective and cost-efficient coverage of their risks
Experts with years of experience

Our distinctive advantage is that we are run by professionals with many years of experience as buyers, underwriters and arrangers of PCR insurance. We have been both users, sellers and arrangers of credit and PRI insurance as bankers, underwriters and brokers so we really know how to get the best possible terms for your project.

We speak your language

We genuinely speak your language and know how to get the best insurance coverage for you. Our access to the PCR market and constant desire to go the extra mile allows us to find best solutions to your requirements day after day. Whatever your business or risks you would like to insure, we are there to help you.

Broad And Deep Understanding

Our experience includes working with companies from many industries because political and credit risk insurance is an indispensable risk management tool for companies from a wide range of sectors (e.g. finance, trading, mining, oil & gas, construction, etc.) with assets, equity or operations in commercially and/or politically changing environments.

Genuine Win-Win Proposition

We are incentivised to find you a solution as we are only paid if your cover is arranged. There are no added costs to you in using us to source your insurance from various insurance markets as they are paid by insurers while we don’t charge clients for our arranging work. This normally works out not only cheaper, but also more efficient than otherwise.